Marketing Automation

Generate more leads and close more sales with marketing automation


It’s the new buzz word in town: marketing automation.

It’s not email marketing (though it does make use of emails extensively).

It’s not just a fancy new piece of marketing software (though it sure is fancy).

And it’s not a magic pill to get your clients (but it can be pretty darn effective!).

Then what is marketing automation?


Marketing automation is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s putting in place a series of automated processes to power your online marketing efforts.

The key thing to remember is this: where marketing used to be generic and “one-to-many”, marketing automation is all about offering every visitor a personalized experience.

In the days of mass communications, a personal touch is no longer just nice to have: it’s essential.

If you can offer your website visitors content that caters to their exact needs and wants, the chances of them converting into leads and sales are that much higher.

So, how can I learn more about this?” you might be thinking.


How can I use marketing automation to improve my online marketing?

Well, you could spend a lot of time researching it online.

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