Here’s some of the business owners I’ve been able to help already.

“We are very small commercial cleaning franchise. We asked Henrik if he would be able to help us work through getting marketing automation up and running. Step one: Buyer Personas and the buyer’s journey. Henrik really guided us through doing the tough work of defining who we currently are selling to and who we need to be selling to in the future. He also made sure we confirmed it with customer interviews. Again, none of this is a comfortable, day to day activity. But he had us persist. The end result is that we now have three clearly defined personas and we have a much better idea of how our customers want us to approach them pre-sales. We would not have gone through this exercise or gotten the insights we discovered with out Henrik. Thanks Henrik!"
Cindy Banchy
"Henrik was a great to collaborate with. He was efficient and professional. He gave honest feedback and suggestions and completed tasks in great time and with great skill. He was also very generous when it came to communicating and not charging me for every time we emailed each other. I will hire Henrik again definitely."
Roslyn Loxton
“Henrik provided an excellent critique of my already excellent sale letter, and I was thrilled with his feedback. I am keeping this guy for the future, big time!”
Daniel Feerst
DFA Publishing and Consulting /
“Henrik really knows his stuff! When it comes to writing persuasive copy designed to convert to actions and sales, Henrik can speak with authority. Well done you are the Conversion Master!”
Peter Tang
"In the end, the considerable increase in sales after launching our new website speaks for itself. I would highly recommend Henrik Becker to anyone who needs a better Internet presence and marketing solution."
Primos Pirs
"I highly recommend Henrik's services and skills to any business that would want to increase the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns.”
Karl Stadler
"We were looking for a suitable online marketing partner: someone who could help us make the right decisions, someone to spar with. An empathic person who isn't afraid to take responsibility and ask questions. We certainly feel like we've found this person in Henrik."
Leonie Kemperink
Office Manager / Ottenschot Letselschade
"We hired Henrik and a partner to help us set up lead generation and conversion for our new business website, In the first month they managed to bring in 28 leads. That number grew to 100 leads in the second month. After some tuning with the sales team, the sales started pouring in. Thanks to Henrik and his team SaneerZo became a stable and profitable business."
Rob Kroese
CEO / SaneerZo
"Rest assured this guy can deliver the traffic you want and make it convert profitably – if you can get him hire him today."
Fred Burge
"I was really satisfied with Henrik. While Henrik apparently has been serving previously most of his customers in his native language, he still provided top notch english copy for my marketing email. It seems to convert better too. I will rehire Henrik when in need of services he provides."
Ville-Pekka Paalasmaa
CEO / MediElf
"Working with Henrik was great. Not only was he obviously an expert in the field of paid advertising, but he knew his stuff when it came to copywriting and ad design as well, which helped us tremendously improve our sales pages (one saw an improvement of over 250% in conversions because of his help)."
Matthew Glanfield